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(singlemotherguide.com, June 1, 201▓5). About

McKinney, Texas, against a 14-▓year-old African-American girl. The officer,

City's African-American population under 18

▓called to a community swimming pool party ▓after complaints, cursed at seve

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d. He also pointed his gun at the teenagers. The white witness who shot th

). The USA Today website repor

e video said there was no doubt race ▓was a factor in how police responded.

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This incident triggered some public protests (edition.cnn.com, June 10, 201

of Hispanic babies in urban are

5). On▓ October 26, 2015, a video that showed Ben Fields, a white school re

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source ▓officer at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, manhandling

them to receive help from fede

an African-American school girl drew intense criti▓cism. The officer grabb

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